The P.S.325 girls are working on a project. The project  is called !!!!!!!!!!GIRLS IN ACTION!!!!!!!!!!.
The girls are making coloring books for little girls and has interesting ideas. One of the interesting ideas is a Field Day where young girls can try out different sports. They are writing letters to professsional athletes. They are asking them how many hours they pratice each day and what are their diets.More of the questions are what are the hard parts of being on a team and if they ever had a problem playing sports because they are female.

We noticed in our community there are way more boys playing sports than girls. Also, some people think boys should play more sports, play with different kinds of toys, and be in charge. They think girls should wear only certain clothes, do more chores, listen, and play with different toys.

This is a problem in our community! On Wednesday there were 73 males playing sports and only 12 females playing sports in our school's park!

Our project is going to be called !!!!!!!!!!GIRLS IN ACTION!!!!!!!!!! and we will find out why we need more girls in sports and how we can get them to play.
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